Friday, December 16, 2011

Get Ready

I'm done!!! Wootss! Just then I was saying that my last semester is starting and now it has ended. No more exams. No more lectures. No more stress on finding for parking. Say no more to college :) Hee!!

Even though its the holiday, I haven't been really getting enough of sleep. My body needs its beauty sleep. It will be able to when I head back to Ipoh, where there's lots to do --> sleeeeep :D Besides the awesome food :p

I like dancing in the morning :)

Went for aladdin with Stephanie <3! Totally like the Genie, he is ferrreaking funny, especially when he appears each time with a song. Lolz!

Vanessa, we shall meet up for a proper yummy meal okay :D After having a taste of what entree is. Hehe!

Next up on my list is to start baking.